Basement family room

This room is a perfect place for the family to relax.

Window Seat

A sunny spot that doubles as extra seating and storage around the dining room table.

Maple butcher block island.

Unique solutions for smaller spaces. Adding this simple island serves many purposes in this very functional yet beautiful kitchen.

Rosewood Sideboard

Striking rosewood sideboard designed by the client and Tamarack after showing her the rosewood veneer he thought she might like to use.

Walnut entertainment unit

Designed to save space by tucking the TV into a corner and wrapping the storage unit around the wall.

Custom wall

Partition built to lead the guest into the family room. Designed to hold seasonal floral arrangements or pieces of art.

Family Entertainment Unit

Solving a growing family's need for entertainment and storage by expanding their use of the basement comfortably.

Custom Furniture designed to meet your needs and the space

A traditional trestle table and sideboard custom designed to host large family celebrations for generations to come.

Pantry Storage

From the back door and down the hall to the kitchen this wall of maple cabinets stores all those miscellaneous items that need hiding away until they are needed such as camping cook pots, canning equipment and large platters.

Fir trestle table