Environmentally Friendly

We are encouraging many of our clients to select eco-friendly materials for their custom cabinets and furniture,

We can recommend bamboo products from Terragren as a durable,  attractive and affordable choice which is also harvested sustainably or recycled wood. 

PaperStone countertops, locally supplied by Riva's Eco-store,  are a beautiful alternative to granite with a lovely tactile appeal and durable softness.  Being made from recycled paper means fabrication can be done in our shop with our woodworking tools rather than outsourced with extra costs.  Colours choices and more information are found on their website.

We are often requested to build custom cabinets, furniture or millwork from recycled or "up-cycled" woods. We are always on the look-out for local sources that will preserve such materials to extend their useful lifespan. A fellow woodworker, Warren Hall, who operates Soul Works, is our favourite source for reclaimed woods for various projects such as tables, benches and stair treads.

The last step of finishing cabinetry is an opportunity to use low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) products.  M.L. Campbell is a Canadian supplier of a water based lacquer called Agualente which we use on most of our cabinet pieces. We occasionally use penetrating oil-wax finishes which we've come to appreciate for their ease of application, durability and rejuvenating properties.